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Flozy connects over 250K teams to make work less manual

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Easily track your team’s progress, priorities, and workload. Identify blockers, celebrate wins, and plan ahead so your team never misses a beat and projects always stay on track.

Onboard clients in 1 simple step.

Simplify client onboarding with just one simple step. Seamlessly bring clients onboard and get them up and running quickly. With a streamlined process, you can save time, reduce complexity, and ensure a smooth transition for your clients. Start off on the right foot and provide an exceptional onboarding experience in a single, effortless step.

Make work fun

Every team is unique. Work the way you want with customizable backgrounds that showcase your personality.

Teamwork is easier when tools talk

Craft your team’s perfect process with over 3000 extensions and 500 integrations.

Unify your team's work with Flozy

Our vibrant community produces content, teaches courses, and leads events all over the world.


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We have answered below the most common questions about our flow feature.

What is a Flow?

How does the Flows feature benefit me as a user?

What can I do within a flow?

Can I customize each flow?

Can I share files and documents through the chat feature inside a flow?

Can I communicate with my team within the Flows feature?

Is the Flows feature available on mobile devices?