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Build excellent clients relationships

Our Clients feature is a powerful tool that empowers you to create customized workspaces exclusively for your clients. Seamlessly communicate, assign tasks, write notes, and effortlessly track all ongoing work within these dedicated spaces. Enjoy streamlined collaboration, enhanced organization, and a comprehensive view of your client projects, ensuring exceptional client management and project success.

Why choose Flozy for your clients?

Take advantage of the Clients feature to strengthen client satisfaction, improve project outcomes, and maximize your overall efficiency in serving your clients. More clients for longer!

Your entire team and clients in the same place.

Build a custom workspace for your clients.

Invoice your clients in over +100 currencies and with more than 12 payment methods.

Keep track of the work you do with your clients.

Create contracts, SOPs and onboarding flows all in the same place.

Price protection–get the best deal, always

Get more done in less time

Boost your productivity and accomplish more in less time. Streamline your workflow, prioritize tasks effectively, and maximize efficiency. With optimized time management, you can focus on what truly matters and achieve your goals with greater speed and effectiveness.

Real-time overview

Get an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your progress with a real-time overview. Stay in the know, make informed decisions, and effortlessly track your success. Stay in control and achieve your clients' goals with confidence and clarity.

Stay connected to your customers

Foster strong relationships, provide exceptional support, and exceed expectations. With seamless communication and timely interactions, you can build trust, gain valuable insights, and deliver personalized experiences that keep your customers engaged and loyal.


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How do I create a client space?

What can I do within a client workspace?

Can I customize each client workspace?

Can clients access the workspace?

Is the Clients feature available on mobile devices?

How secure is the Clients feature?