Much more than a CRM: Keep track of your leads, Track your tasks or Manage custom lists

Introducing Boards - it's so much more than just a CRM. Not only does it manage your leads, it also accommodates a broad range of use cases. From task management and content creation pipelines, to bug tracking and overseeing project roadmaps, Boards provides the flexibility you need. Discover the array of possibilities and enhance your workflow with Boards.

A productivity powerhouse

Flozy's Board feature exemplifies power in simplicity. Designed to streamline lead management, a critical aspect of business operations, it functions as a premium CRM. This tool provides custom filtering and views, seamless integrations, and a built-in lead value calculator, all tailored to boost your business productivity.

We also know that our users all have different needs, that why users can create as many boards as they want for as many different use cases as they want.

Boards for any clients, projects, big or small

Lead Management (CRM)

Efficiently capture, organize, and nurture leads with our powerful lead management solution. Maximize conversions and drive business growth.

Reminders & Due Date

Never miss a deadline again. Stay organized and on top of your leads with our intuitive reminder and due date management system.

Onboarding process

Simplify clients and employee onboarding with our seamless process. Streamline paperwork, automate tasks, and ensure a smooth transition for new hires and clients

Customize Cards

Tailor your workflow to perfection. Customize cards with labels, due dates, attachments, and more. Adapt our tool to match your unique project management needs.

Custom fields

Enhance data tracking and organization. Add custom fields to capture and categorize specific information, tailoring our system to your business requirements.

Custom views

Get a personalized perspective on your data. Create custom views to display information the way you prefer, maximizing efficiency and focusing on what matters most to you.


Our CRM solution empowers you to manage contacts, track interactions, and nurture leads, enabling you to drive growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Streamline collaboration and communication. Leave comments on tasks, documents, and discussions to foster real-time feedback and seamless teamwork for enhanced productivity.


Capture and organize ideas effortlessly. Our notes feature provides a user-friendly interface to jot down, categorize, and access important information whenever you need it.

Get more clients and keep them longer!

Manage your leads, move them across your boards, get them to pay and finally onboard them inside your workspace.

Custom filters and integrations

Tailor your data view with custom filters and seamless integrations. Filter information based on your criteria and connect with your favorite tools for an optimized workflow. Experience the power of customization and integration for enhanced productivity.


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