Everything in the one place

Our guiding principle: Way less admin, way more money! We understand the frustration of spending countless hours searching for files, tracking down links, or trying to recall critical information shared in a conversation. That's why we've developed our chat platform with a singular focus: to streamline your experience by making essential resources readily available whenever you need them.

Audio & HD Video Calling

(Coming soon) Experience crystal-clear audio and HD video calling, enabling seamless communication and collaboration for your team.

Screen Sharing

(Coming soon) Effortlessly share your screen for seamless collaboration, making presentations and troubleshooting a breeze for your team.

Internal & External Chat

Streamline communication with our Internal & External Chat feature, enhancing collaboration within your team and clients

Team collaboration and fast replies.

In today's non-stop hustle, delivering messages to the right person fast is key. But what's even cooler? Lightning-fast replies! We've crafted sleek features like one-click responses and effortless tagging, supercharging your chat experience while keeping files and links organized—no more endless platform-hopping.

Enhanced chat Features

We've built a suite of awesome features, like slick image editing and annotating tools to make it easier to share exactly what you want. We know how important it is to share tasks, docs, boards, flows, and all sorts of links, so we've amped things up with rapid-fire embeds for real-time previews.

Whether you're assigning a task, sharing an SOP, or seeking a client's review, we've got your back, making communication ultra-professional and highly efficient..

Video, Audio & Screensharing Features

Experience unparalleled collaboration through our comprehensive Video, Audio & Screensharing Features. Designed to elevate communication, streamline presentations, and foster efficient teamwork across your organization, these powerful tools empower your team to connect and collaborate effectively.

Immerse yourself in crystal-clear video and audio quality while sharing screens with ease, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and maximizes productivity.

Move faster with everything in one place

When you love your work, don't let simple things hold you back. Get paid faster, onboard clients with ease and manage your team better.


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Get Your Questions Answered!

We have answered below the most common questions about our chat feature.

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How secure is the chat, audio, and video communication?

Can I create group chats and conference calls?

Is there a limit on the number of participants in a video call or chat?

Can I share files and documents through the chat feature?

Can I record audio and video calls for future reference?

How do I invite external participants to join a call or chat?

Is customer support available for the chat?